Your 2021 Digital Marketing Checklist

December 14, 2020

The new year is right around the corner! What does your 2021 digital marketing strategy look like? Have you changed your password recently? Made sure the website is optimized for generating leads?

We’ve created the ultimate digital marketing checklist - a list of best practices your business can put into action as you plan for 2021. Download our helpful checklist for the best tips in digital marketing in 2021.

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Blue Sky Marketing 2021 Digital Marketing Checklist


2021 Marketing Checklist

The new year provides a great opportunity for digital housekeeping!

  • Change Your Passwords - You should be changing your password regularly, but it's good digital hygiene to update your passwords each year.
  • Check Your Content Strategy - Does your content in 2021 align with your goals? Check your messaging for seasonality, keyword inclusion, and value to your audience.
  • Lead Generation - Is your website optimized for generating leads? Make sure there are multiple opportunities for visitors to sign up for your newsletter, submit a form, create a login, or download content.
  • Google Analytics Account Health - Audit your Google Analytics account to ensure your metrics align with your goals. Are you tracking everything you'd like to track? Have your goals changed?
  • SEO - Check your organic traffic and position in Google Search Console or a tool like SEM Rush. Does your marketing plan include tactics to grow organically?
  • Email Marketing - Do you have a plan to keep your contacts engaged? Have you considered unsubscribing or archiving contacts who have not engaged with your emails to improve your Open Rates?
  • Automation - Have you found ways to automate your sales and marketing tasks to increase conversion rates? Which content do you need to curate to push leads further down the funnel?
  • Video Marketing - Video was the #1 source of content consumed on social media in 2020. Do you have a video marketing strategy included in your 2021 plan?
  • Organic Social Media - Is your content calendar ready to launch? Create a plan to share your content that includes timely updates.
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads - Set your ad account up for success by starting with clear objectives, optimized pixels, and creative testing to ensure performance. Optimize creative placements with Facebook's new Creative Hub tools.
  • Google Ads - Conduct keyword research for opportunities to identify emerging trends that relate to your business, and audit your landing pages to ensure that your ads align with your on-site messaging.

What’s New for Digital Marketing in 2021?

Needless to say, 2020 was a whirlwind of pivoting marketing efforts to meet changing customer needs. This year saw more businesses embracing more robust digital experiences, including:

  • Virtual Tours
  • Online Sales Consultations
  • Chatbots and Live Chat
  • Website Redesigns
  • Personalized Email Experiences
  • Stories and Social Outreach
  • Online Applications and Loan Approvals

HubSpot’s forecast is that the online-conversion based landscape isn’t going anywhere and that “consumers are getting more familiar with these channels as well. As they continue to interact with brands through a digital landscape, they'll come to expect this environment as the standard for businesses moving forward.”

Blue Sky’s approach to 2021 will include heavily focusing on what we already do best: implement best practices for online user experiences, align content with customer expectations, and deliver content that your prospects will find valuable and influence conversions.

Kick Off Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

As a 100% digital marketing agency, we know that this process can be overwhelming, which is why we made this list easy to download and keep on hand.

If you are interested in getting ahead of the game next year, we have you covered. Blue Sky Marketing always has your back and has helped our clients get the results that they need from their digital marketing strategy for the past 10 years.

We would like to help your company’s digital marketing efforts thrive in the new year. Fill out a contact form to start the conversation.

BONUS TIP for Reading to The End

Website Audit! When was the last time you thoroughly reviewed your content on your website for outdated information? Checked your “About Us” page to make sure it reflects your current team? Have you reviewed your Meta Data for accuracy? The new year is a good time to take a detailed look.

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