Fit Couture - Award-Winning Email Marketing Campaign Case Study | 20 June 2015

Thinking of starting an email marketing campaign for your business? Here's the email marketing campaign that won this year's AMA Houston's Crystal Award for Email Communication Campaign for a second year in a row. We're proud to have partnered with Fit Couture, an online women's fitness clothing retailer, to create such a successful campaign. Here's the case study for the award-winning work done for the Spring Email Marketing Campaign for Fit... Full Story

Facebook Ads - Not What They Used to Be | 18 June 2015

Facebook soft-launched a new tool called "Business Manager" in late 2014 that intends to allow these high-octane brand/business users to track those activities all in one place -- Business Manager. What's more, they've been rolling out many new changes to their Ad Accounts structure and tools to give advertisers more insights into audiences so we can be more strategic in our targeting. Here are a few different tools that I've come to rely on in creating and optimizing campaigns for our... Full Story

Micro-Moments from Google | 14 June 2015

As a recent attendee of ClickZ NYC, I was intrigued when Google began talking about micro-moments in their presentations. These micro-moments, Google stated, were key behavior moments in a person's day. These moments Google broke down into 4 buckets: I want to Know. I want to Go. I want to Do. I want to Buy. Because of technology, consumer behavior has changed. The days of relying on word of mouth haven't disappeared, they've just taken a back seat in the decision-making... Full Story

ClickZ NYC 2015 Day 2 Wrap Up | 03 June 2015

Day 2 of ClickZ NYC finds us back in Times Square for another day filled with great speakers and great content. Digital Innovation at the White House Day 2 got off to an interesting start with Leigh Heyman, Director of New Media Technologies, Executive Office of the President. Leigh spoke about various things going on in the media world of the White House. First up was the run down on this year's State of the Union Address. Getting a behind the door look at how they pulled it off in... Full Story

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