Glitz, Glamour, and Casino Marketing

October 12, 2016

The casino world is full of thrills, adrenaline rushes, and money. It's a place where people go for a fun night out or in hopes of "hitting it big." No matter what the reason, casinos are an adult's Disney. They are venues which people experience completely from a brick and mortar perspective. They go into the casino, play the slots, table games, or others, see a show, and perhaps dine.

Digital marketing strategy for the casino business

With the larger percentage of the demographic for casinos sitting in the 21 - 54 age group, the target market skews younger. With this knowledge it is absolutely imperative for a casino or other entertainment venue of similar nature to tap into the tremendous power of digital marketing to reach this demographic. Now that we know the location of this target market, however virtual it may be, it is a must to know how to talk to this market about entertainment. 

Casino MarketingHow to tap into that adrenaline rush?

The casino experience is a very emotional one. In a world of keywords and search engine power, how do you turn these components into an emotionally compelling message with which will not only grab attention but propel people to step outside of their house to visit the casino? By understanding the visitor via an audience profile and then researching that demographic to see what resonates with them, it will be highly effective in bringing that message to market. Casinos are exciting, they produce emotions (positive and negative). If you utilize emotional language in your ads while combining that with the differentiating factors for the casino (why should someone visit your casino over other forms of entertainment), the message will be powerful. In the world of digital marketing, there are so many different options to choose from. However, once you know your messaging and target, the choice will be rather simple.

With search marketing there are ways to reach this audience via text and via visuals (video and photos). In my experience with casino marketing and our strong standing as Google Premier Partners, we are able to utilize programs with Google AdWords others cannot. We have access into beta programs before others do and our clients experience the high level benefits associated with them. It's very exciting to see the results so far and I see quite a positive outlook for the future of digital casino marketing. 

Kristen Ackerly, Paid Search Specialist, Blue Sky Marketing

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