Work on the Go - The New World of Workplace Productivity Outside the Office

September 12, 2013 Mobile Devices for WorkThe "workplace" has definitely evolved over the past decade from a central office to teams in various locations collaborating remotely. Many people have weighed in on the debate, from Yahoo! CEO banning work-from-home to boost innovation to recent studies showing that workers increasingly are looking for flexibility in their job. Three-quarters of the American adults surveyed said flexibility is one of the most important factors they consider when looking for a new job. So with all of the debate, what could be the right answer? It depends on your team and business objectives, but one thing that we embrace at Blue Sky Marketing is technology to help our team collaborate, no matter where we are.

Technology that Lets You Work Smarter, Any Time or Place

Here are just a few (free or relatively inexpensive) tools that help you work on the go and collaborate with your team regardless of schedule or location:
  1. Dropbox - Dropbox's easy interface allows your team to store and share files on a remote server as well as seamlessly on their computers and mobile devices, or even access them on public computers, all the while updating the shared file for the whole team. Even better, the platform quickly and easily creates links to send files to colleagues and clients. Free accounts have access to up to 2GB with reasonably priced plans for 100GB or more.
  2. Google Apps for Business - Google also offers several web-based applications that allow teams to perform basic business tasks, from email to sharing files on the run. These are especially helpful for keeping track of project lists and file sharing.
  3. Skype - Everyone knows about this application for making free calls over the internet, but have you taken a look at it recently? They offer group calling and screen sharing, which helps to keep everyone on the same page, no matter where your team is around the globe.
  4. - Speaking of screen sharing, allows you to easily share your screen with up to 10 participants on a free account, also allowing for participants to share control and chat or even set up VOIP calls. This is great for demos and troubleshooting with clients or team members.
  5. CloudOn - Review and edit Microsoft Office files on your mobile devices and easily share via email or store on Dropbox or Google Drive. This app lets you update files right on your mobile device and send it out into the world.
Blue Sky Marketing is all about technology and finding ways to get the most out of every minute of our work day, regardless of our schedule or time zone, which most of you know is often very early or very late when other less sleep-deprived people are still enjoying another few hours of sleep! Contact Blue Sky Marketing if you would like more information about how to increase the ROI on your marketing strategy.

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