Why "Blue Sky Marketing"?

September 22, 2010 I have been asked several times lately "why blue sky?" Blue sky to me means all things positive, all the good things that can happen for my clients and their companies as a result of a well-created and implemented marketing plan. All blue sky dreams are possible if you apply a plan and hard work. I see blue sky as the positive value and goodwill created in companies that are providing a quality product or service to a loyal customer base. When I look up and see a blue sky, I see the future beckoning pregnant with opportunity. How did the name get chosen? On Monday July 5, 2010 I spoke to the amazing woman that was accepting my position at Stan&Lou. She was starting in two weeks which meant that I could depart on schedule. Suddenly I could see my whole future ahead of me. Later that date as I was sitting in my rooftop pool and looked up at the most vibrant Texas dark blue sky and said to myself "only blue skies ahead".  I announced myself Blue Sky Marketing that very day and started forward on my blue sky future.

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"Blue Sky Marketing is always analyzing how our keywords are performing. And based on the results that we receive, they do an exceptional job. "

SEO & Thinking Beyond SERP Top Position, Our SEO expertise is in local search · voice search, and how to best position your website for top search engine results page placement. Our technical gurus will develop an action plan that will deliver quantifiable returns because, to us, results are everything.
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