What I learned from my Mom about marketing and management

May 08, 2011 I am the youngest of eight (8) children, my Mom was a superior marketer and manager in many ways and here are things I learned from her.
  1. Energy. There is always more time and a deeper reserve of energy for projects that need to get done today.
  2. Give Back. When I was growing up, my mom was the board president for the SELA Girl Scout Council and tirelessly worked as a fundraiser for the organization.
  3. Know your customers and give them what they want. My mom made breakfast every day. If you had a big day, she made sure your favorite breakfast hit the table without having to ask.
  4. Keep it calm. Mom woke all of us up each morning, there were no jangling alarm clocks. We started off our days with calm and hopefully held that feeling all day. Alarmist mentality is not beneficial.
  5. It takes a Team. There is NO raising eight children without sharing the load. Brothers babysat, aunts helped with car pools, outsourcing occurred when time was too tight.
  6. Thank People. Always thank people for the contribution they bring to the table -- big or small.
Mom, Thank you for all your dedication and support over the course of my life. Happy Mother's Day

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