Tips For Good Blog Writing as Part of a Strong Content Strategy

May 05, 2015

Are you starting a blog for your business? Well have no fear, writing a good blog article is easy once you know how. However, getting started can be the hardest part. These tips are designed to help you write your first blog article, create a template for successful blog writing, and get more readers.


The overall structure of your blog article is very important for readability. It is similar to the inverted pyramid of journalism, but here are some differences that will help your blog writing:

  • The title needs to describe what the article is about and be concise.
  • Keep the most important information first.
  • Create an opening paragraph that is warm and inviting.
  • Subheads help the content be more readable for web users.
  • Write lists, they are easier to skim.
  • Your lists don't have to contain every reason for doing something.
  • Make sure to close with a call to action.

Writing Style

Writing a blog article is not the same as other writing. Your writing doesn't have to be incredibly formal. Here are some ways to help your blog writing style:

  • Write in first person.
  • Use more active writing.
  • Make the writing feel personal for your reader.
  • Write concisely.
  • It's okay to ask your readers close-ended questions, it helps with flow.
  • The last sentence before the list should flow into the list.

How Make Your Content Easier to Find

Are you wondering how to get the most views on your blog? This is a common concern. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your blog:

  • Use keywords from your SEO strategy to generate topics.
  • Add in keywords that are relevant to your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.
  • Include your company name and links to your website.
  • Incorporate language that helps with internal linking of pages on your website. For added SEO benefit, link those keywords to the relevant landing page on your site.
  • Make sure your blog article starts with a concise summary of what the article is about and why it matters.

Writing a blog is a great way for you to reach more potential customers and develop your company as a resource in your field and thought leader. So try to get the most out of your blog by trying these tips. If you would like more help with your blog or other online marketing services, contact Blue Sky Marketing at (713) 818-0070 or through our website.

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