Starting a new Business or Persevering in an Existing One

September 16, 2010 As part of starting my company, I am encountering people who seem astounded that I would start a new business in the "current economy".  In my reading, I know that no matter what the current economic conditions, starting business takes perseverance. Heck, running a long existing business takes perseverance. There are good days and bad in any company or economy. Here are my thoughts on ways to persevere in any business endeavor. Be Goal Oriented: I know my goals, I know why they are my goals, and I intend to reach my goals. Know yours.  Ask yourself daily if you have moved forward on your goal(s). Develop a Support System: Make sure you have support — personal and professional.  Avoid "energy vampires" who want to tell you that your goals are not attainable. Find encouraging, positive people who will support your goals AND be there to celebrate your achievements. Adopt Productive Attitudes and Behavior: Maintain an optimistic frame of mind. Expect good things. Document the good things when they happen to serve as a reminder when the not-so-good things happen. Do not compare yourself to others. Take Risks: Mistakes are a part of life; learn from them. Calculated risks are an important part of any business enterprise. Maintain (or develop) a Healthy Lifestyle: Sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and balance your work and life efforts. It is easy in an ownership role to work all the time. Don't. Whether me or someone else who owns their own business, please be one of those positive people that encourage and support.

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