I am anti-PowerPoint ... but pro-presentation

August 19, 2010 I frequently make the statement that "I am anti-PowerPoint", and this article from Forbes.com is  great support of that. The best speakers connect with their audience. From the article, "The best speeches include a clear, relevant message and a few great stories to illustrate it." I say the same thing about business presentations, people connect with people not PowerPoint slides. PPT should be a tool to support your story line - it should not be your story line. Where this article talks about anecdotes, in a new business presentation, think of it as Case Studies, tell what you can do by talking about what you have done.  You want a personal connection. People hire people, not a slick presentation , they need to know that you are someone they like and want to listen to. Take a look at your standard sales presentation, does it have a story line? A clear beginning, middle and end? If not, consider revamping it and Blue Sky Marketing would be happy to strategize with you.

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