How to use the "new" Facebook as a small company

March 13, 2012 February 29, 2012: Facebook announced a slew of changes. The ultimate goal for them is monetize-monetize-monetize before their IPO. Instead of ranting about Facebook and its variability, I am focusing on how to best utilize the changes to my clients' benefit.

Knowing that only 17% of the Fans actually see the posts is LIBERATING. No longer are we  posting thinking that we are reaching a broad audience.

We now know emphatically that we have to do more. 

The new changes that offer Premium accounts a lot of great things are not going to be available to the rank-and-file, mom and pop marketers; so the real question is how to use Facebook as a small company. Developing a good marketing strategy involves assessing the challenge and finding a way to surmount it. In this instance, the challenge we are facing is that users continue to spend more time on the Facebook platform and we as marketers have to figure out how to get our brands to them in that medium. 1.  Maximize your presence. 17% of a good fan base is still 17%. Give them content, your affinity score with Facebook will increase more your fans engage with your content. 2.  Timeline Cover.  Make it pop and plan to update it weekly to keep it fresh. It is much more space than a Profile photo ever allowed for. 3.  Pinning and Featuring.  Use those tools to keep important posts dominant on your timeline. 4.  Advertising. Learn the ad platform and use it to promote your brand and grow your fan base. Want to hear more about advertising on Facebook? Join me at the University of Houston's Small Business Development Center on March 22 where I will present "Advertising on Facebook."

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