Good Question but here's a Better Question

August 19, 2010 I read a blog about PR firms this morning and it resonated with me for the overall message but I am not a PR firm and neither are my clients. With all due respect and credit to the original author and his blog, I am paraphrasing his questions (and deleted a few) for the purposes of "Good Question but here's a Better Question". Good question: What's the hot new trend in social media that we can use? Better question: How can we optimize and improve our existing social media programs? Good Question: What's the best way to get the most possible Facebook "likes" and Twitter followers? Better question: How can we encourage existing customers to truly engage with our clients on the social Web? Good Question: How can we make a viral video that gets thousands of views? Better question: How can we optimize a video so that prospective customers find it in search results? How do we make a video that makes prospects into customers? Good Question: How much money should we be pulling from the email budget, to support social media? Better question: How can we integrate email and social media to increase customization and relevancy? Good Question: How can we find a social media guru to add to our team? Better question: How can we distribute social media knowledge and responsibility across the entire company, including ongoing training and knowledge sharing? Good Question: How can we create a killer social media campaign that will get noticed? Better question: How can we develop a sustainable, ongoing social media strategy that will turn customers into advocates over the long haul? Good Question: How can we find the most influential bloggers and get them to write about our products or services? Better question: How can we find the existing customers that are already passionate about our product or service, and turn them into a volunteer marketing army? The AMA Interactive Marketing SIG is co-hosting an event on Tuesday August 24th that is geared towards healing you to answer some of these questions. Register here if this topic interests you. If there is enough interest, maybe we will get Jay Baer to join us in Houston for a future event so he and I can answer these questions together over tequila.

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