Five Basic Rules for Growing Your Healthcare Practice

September 27, 2010 Last week in a meeting with a plastic surgeon, we discussed the "basics" and whether she was meeting those basics of a solid strategy for patient marketing. Here are the basic, fundamental steps to growing your practice:
  1. Contact. You have to get your telephone to ring with cosmetic patients who are interested in your services. Looking at your website and online presence is a good first step in achieving this.
  2. Book.  Your staff must be able to convert those callers into scheduled Patient consultations.
  3. Convert. You must be able to convert those patient consultations into revenue-producing procedures
  4. Return. And then you must keep those patients coming back for more.
  5. Refer. Last, but not least, you must encourage them to refer their family, friends and co-workers.
Is your practice making these things happen? Putting a plan together to implement those steps is crucial to growth and long-term success. Need help assembling and implementing that plan? Blue Sky Marketing can provide that assistance.

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Video & Storytelling in Motion, At Blue Sky Marketing, we understand more than just the power of a good story, but the power of a polished video, with its platform in mind · stories that move are increasing engagement and conversions for our clients and our expertise in creating video to deliver brand messaging that drives action has delivered time and again.
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