The end is not quite here for traditional media, especially in B2B lead generation.

August 05, 2010 Yes, social media and mobile apps are here to stay, but other channels have not closed yet. Radio did not eliminate newspapers, radio was not replaced by the television. What should you be considering for lead generation? Email: Many B2B marketers are still seeing high returns on marketing efforts with effective email techniques. Customer lists provide a tremendous opportunity for selling additional solutions and services or upgrades.
  • "House" list contacts continue to represent the best opportunity to engage with prospects.  Make sure that you are collecting e-mail addresses on your website, at company events, and at any events you sponsor or participate in.
  • Nurture your email list with an invitation to visit a resource center that provides thought leadership from well-known experts, webcast and podcast replays, short videos and product demos, customer testimonials and case studies. It does not have to be your company's content, you can cooperate with others or direct them to non-competing resources for the information they need. You simply want to be seen as their guide and resource as they educate themselves.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO continues to provide one of the best sources of leads for both B2B companies. When prospects are ready to buy, they will use search to research products and solutions. You want to be found when they do. And when prospects land on your website, it is important that they find the information they are seeking. Intuitive navigation, deep content, and obvious contact information are keys to utilizing your website to drive leads. Paid Search: While email can have very little cost, an ongoing investment in SEO is a requirement for today's business websites. As a marketing technique, it requires effort to analyze keywords, test and offer the right content for your prospects at each stage of the buying cycle, and optimize your landing pages continuously. When prospects search for important keywords that relate to your products, some will select organic listings and some prospects will select paid listings. It is important to have some presence in both for the most important keywords related to your solutions. Third-party "Traditional" Media Online, print, radio, and TV media properties can still offer great opportunities to drive leads. If the objective of the ad buy is leads, then the media property should be able to assist you in driving the right message to their audience to identify relevant contacts for your sales teams. One of the most important points is that nothing can beat an integrated customer-focused marketing approach that brings together all these elements, plus the latest emerging media like social and mobile.
*Culled, distilled, paraphrased, and edited for my own thoughts from a much longer blog by Michael Brennan 

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