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February 08, 2013 Michelle LeBlanc of Blue Sky Marketing will be moderating the upcoming AMA Houston event titled "Integrating Online Videos: What are you Waiting For?" on February 22. Let's talk Video Marketing Strategy.  Placing Video into Overall Strategy. The best place to start your video marketing strategy is to review your company's overall corporate strategy, core competencies, marketplace differentiators and competitive advantages. From this understanding, you can identify a video editorial calendar. Although your video(s) may not include all of your company's differentiators and advantages, it's important that the videos stay true to your brand and consistent with your other messaging. Be specific to your Target Market(s). B2B videos centered around a single solution to a specific customer problem are more effective at driving conversions. So, if your company has multiple products or services, you will be creating multiple versions of a video. If your budget only allows for one video this quarter,  select the one with the biggest impact to your business   Keep in mind that video production has economies of scale in the physical shooting, you may want to shoot multiple while you have the crew together then proceed with actual edits on additional videos as your budget allows. Keep your message clear.  Clear and concise messaging will always yield a superior marketing result than using a general message to all your potential customers. Don't muddy the waters with industry jargon. And, don't forget a clear call to action. How many times have you watched a video that dissolved to completion with NO call to action? Don't be that video online. Metrics. Before moving forward with the campaign planning process is to establish the overall goals and specific success metrics for the campaign. Knowing the ROI and conversion goals for the project will help you determine success and help set performance baselines for future A/B testing. Once you've gone through these steps, establishing your video marketing campaign becomes much easier. If you are looking for marketing support on video production or online video marketing, please contact Blue Sky Marketing, our Houston based marketing strategy and implementation team is always happy to work with new clients - big or small. Blue Sky Marketing YouTube    Blue Sky Marketing Website    Blue Sky Marketing Email

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