A week-end in New Orleans

September 06, 2010 On September 8, 2005 I arrived in Houston. Five years later, I find myself in my hometown visiting with an old friend discussing why it is we love New Orleans so much and why as native New Orleanians we always come home. Cliff Johnson offered some wonderful input on New Orleans. During his 70+ years, he has lived all over the world and always come home to New Orleans.  The answer we came up with  ...  there is a pace and vibrancy to life in New Orleans that is a part of us. We can live anywhere in the world but the moment we set foot back in New Orleans, we feel home. I will move back to New Orleans one day, not today. Cliff offered wisdom in telling me that my time away from New Orleans enriches me personally and that I bring that back to New Orleans when I come home. In fact the act of being away makes me appreciate New Orleans all the more. And from a marketing perspective, I was reminded that I am an ambassador for New Orleans no matter where I am. Cliff and I had a wonderful discussion about the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation; I was reminded again about the good work done by the Foundation. If you did not know, festival revenues fund music schools, cultural programs, and are an essential part of keeping the musical culture of New Orleans alive. Just as each of the New Orleans ex-pats are an essential part of keeping the New Orleans culture vibrant and alive upon our return.

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