Blue Sky Marketing's Founding Story

August 10, 2020

Concept Date:  July 4, 2010                                      Founding Date:  August 10, 2010

Prior to starting Blue Sky Marketing, I was business partners with Lou Congelio of STANDANDLOU advertising. After several years together, we had decided in January 2010 to go our separate ways. Separation takes time and I worked on interviewing my replacement. On July 4, 2010, the prospective employee that was to replace me called to ask a few questions and accepted the offer of employment. I was to train her and join the ranks of the Unemployed on July 31. Yikes!

There was this moment where I went “crud, what do I do now?” I was single, responsible for a mortgage and all my bills; a major life decision was at hand. Start applying for a Job? Or continue my entrepreneurial path?

It was the 4th of July so I did what any sensible American would do; I collapsed with a cocktail into my kiddie pool on my 4th floor rooftop deck in Midtown Houston. As panic swirled for a moment, I looked up at this perfectly blue sky with one cloud floating across my vision and thought “It’s all blue skies ahead. I can start a new company and anything is possible.” In that instant, I took the photo below and sent it as an email to my designer friend to get a logo started for Blue Sky Marketing. This photo has remained on my laptop since then to remind me of the moment this company idea appeared.

Blue Sky Marketing logo origination

Yes, a strategic marketing and business plan came next. Yes, financial concerns came soon behind. But my first client came along in August in the form of Buc-ee’s, then Hotel Derek, Noel Furniture and SureTec. By the end of 2010 there was no turning back. Blue skies were truly ahead.

On our 10 year anniversary, I look back I truly appreciate each and every client who gave us the opportunity to serve.  I look forward to many years ahead paying them back for their trust with excellent service. 

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