Must-Do or Outdated? Inviting Facebook Page Likes in 2019

October 31, 2019
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One trick-of-the-trade for Facebook Page management is to click on the list of people who have liked a post (or an ad) and send an invitation to any who haven't already "liked" the Page. This is a way to potentially convert post engagement into Facebook fans. But is it worth the time it takes?
We confirmed with our Facebook Partner Manager our belief that in 2019 there is not a lot of value to inviting people who liked a post to Like the Page. There is no algorithm implication for Pages that have lots of Likes/Followers. The only reason this would be valuable is if there is someone at the company who cares about Page Fans or you really plan in the future to only do organic posting and remove ads from the equation. Facebook sees no correlation between Page Fans or Engagement and business outcomes.
Organic reach is typically quite low, which means this would only be a valid strategy for Pages that have little to no ad money and only plan to focus time on writing organic posts. In the end, it comes down to a Time vs Treasure argument.
We have found for our clients that they are better served to spend the money on ads than pay someone (either to a consultant or in salary) to manually invite Page Likes then see dwindling organic reach. This paid strategy reaches many more prospects and allows us to optimize for valid business objectives.
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