Top Takeaways from BrandManage Camp

November 26, 2017

I headed to Las Vegas in September for the Brand ManageCamp Conference to hear from top marketing experts.

The key themes surrounded improving the customer experience and creating customer loyalty through emotion and empathy.  I’ve selected a few of my favorite sessions to sum up below.

Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints & Keep Your Customers

Jay Baer, Digital Marketing & Online Customer Service Expert

While most brands may shy away from the negative feedback, Jay Baer believes brands should respond to every complaint, everywhere, with empathy and expediency. Answering every complaint is mathematically proven to grow your business – when you do not answer a customer complaint, it decreases customer advocacy by 50%; while answering a complaint increases advocacy by 25%. 

Not sure how to respond? Whenever you reply to a customer it should always be EMOTION first, INFORMATION next. Empathy matters. Speed also matters. 40% of social media complainers expect a reply in an hour. Customer service is the new marketing, but only if you take the steps necessary to hug your haters.

The Loyalty Loop: How Small Things Add Up To Big Business 

Andrew Davis, Bleeding-edge Marketing and Media Futurist

Brands must deliver the best EXPERIENCE. You don’t have to have the best or cheapest product, but look at your customer journey and plot experience points every step of the way. You can own your entire customer journey by focusing on every point, thinking about the experience and harnessing customer momentum. Typically excitement ends once a transaction is complete – how can you prolong that excitement and ensure the transaction is repeated?

Andrew shared a few valuable examples, but I personally related to the Domino’s Pizza tracker example. Now, ordering pizza is no longer a task, it’s an EXPERIENCE. Domino’s has made the waiting game a fun one – Barry has received your order, Maria is preparing your pizza, Jeff is on his way. And then, it really is Jeff when you open your door. It’s fun – try it out!

The Art & Science of WOW!

Alex Hunter, Former Global Head of Online for the Virgin Group/Sir Richard Branson

Providing a product or service is no longer enough. We have to work harder to build meaningful bonds with our customers and it’s the small things that keep people coming back. Similar to Andrew Davis, Alex talked about identifying each consumer touch point and interaction ensuring that each one is special – but consistent with the brand. If you have the tools to remember people – are you taking advantage of them? Wouldn’t it be nice if brands you interact with on a regular basis didn’t pretend like it was the first time each time?

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