Top Marketing Trends from the Recent Google Partners Event

October 05, 2016

Blue Sky Marketing, a Google Premier Partner, recently participated in a digital marketing seminar conducted by Google on Sept. 28.

In the webinar, Google representatives highlighted key digital marketing metrics, offered insights into digital consumer behavior, and detailed best practices for marketers. The webinar provided insights into what businesses need to keep in mind as they fine-tune their digital marketing efforts for 2017. 

Mobile is King

The main theme of the webinar was mobile, mobile, mobile, with a discussion on trends in mobile ad spend and media consumption highlighting the seminar. Key takeaways included: 

  • Mobile media consumption has been rising steadily since 2011, while consumption metrics for all other media have remained stagnant.
  • Mobile ad spend severely underweights time spent on mobile devices, allowing for a $22 billion potential for mobile ad spend.

Statistics such as these show that if you are a business who is not taking mobile seriously, you are in danger of being left behind.

Consumer Behavior Has Changed

However, simply shifting your existing strategy onto a mobile platform is simply not going to work. The webinar highlighted how along with the shift in consumption and potential for increased ad spend, marketers must also be keenly aware of the changing trends in mobile usage.

When it comes to modern mobile device usage, Google highlighted three key traits of users: 

  • Immediacy of Action. Users have an idea they should be able to find what they need instantly. If you expect a user to search through your site for information, you are wrong.
  • Frictionless Experiences. In conjunction with the first principle, users have a higher expectation for a frictionless mobile experience and expect to navigate through your site without error. If something such as a contact form or a page loads incorrectly, data shows users will move on.
  • Loyalty to Needs Rather than Brands. Because users are increasingly putting a focus on immediacy of action and frictionless experiences in their mobile usage, data is showing that users are most likely to gravitate towards the sources that meet their needs rather than staying brand loyal.

Also discussed in the webinar was how mobile site speed and optimization play a key part in supporting the above elements and is a critical component to the marketing mix.

Partner with Blue Sky Marketing for your Mobile Marketing Needs

As a Premier Partner, Blue Sky Marketing is recognized by Google as an agency that has consistently delivered performance and revenue growth for clients. The team at Blue Sky Marketing are digital marketing experts who can help potential clients make sense of the trends discussed in the webinar and evolve their marketing programs to the needs of the modern consumer.

Contact Blue Sky Marketing today to discuss what we can do for your business.

A video of the Google webinar can be watched at


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