2 Days, Many Tweets: SocialPro 2016

July 15, 2016

Marketers sometimes joke that the only people who are on Twitter are marketers at conferences, and some days I am inclined to agree. Below is a snapshot of the SocialPro 2016 conference pulled from my Twitter feed. Follow me on Twitter for the next time I'm at a conference. Enjoy!


Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram account for 20% of time spent on mobile. Think about that. #SocialPro

You have a shorter time to grab attention on Facebook, but a chance to reach a lot more viewers. @AdamGausepohl #SocialPro 

"Most of the globe is still unconnected." @facebook aims to change that. #SocialPro

To avoid excessive remarketing don't create campaigns based on commonly visited pages and specify users visit at least twice. #SocialPro

Measurement and Analytics

Did it really fail or did we fail to measure it? @kmullett #SocialPro

Don't forget to evaluate content AFTER it goes live. What worked? What didn't? Keep track of that. @caitlinangeloff #SocialPro

Unless you can travel back in time... all the time... you have to tag everything. @portentint @googleanalytics #SocialPro #utmcodes

Last-click social attribution is the unicorn. @portentint #SocialPro

Whatever your goal is, try to get people back to your site and tag the items you can control. @armondhammer #SocialPro 


The rise in the production of content is growing faster than our ability to consume it. #QualityOverQuantity @206andrew  #SocialPro 

People don't want to engage with logos, they want to engage with people. #SocialPro @CarlosGil83

Get granular with your content – have different content to satisfy multiple needs. @caitlinangeloff #SocialPro

If your content is relevant, people are going to engage with it no matter what. @SarahAHumphrey #SocialPro 


Power Marketing with @Pinterest: It takes a pin 3.5 months to get 50% of its engagement. @Matt_Siltala #SocialPro  

With Pinterest ads, you pay for the initial click, and the residual clicks over the next 7 months are earned media. @brittanymohr #SocialPro 

Hot off the presses – Pinterest just rolled out custom audience targeting. @brittanymohr #SocialPro 

A longer shelf life means greater returns #SocialPro @brittanymohr 

You're reaching people who are open to new ideas. No other platform has such a receptive audience. #SocialPro @brittanymohr 


Video is not right for every audience, every time. Determine what works – and what doesn't! @Karianne @thepaulmeyers #SocialPro 

Broad target? Put up a billboard. LinkedIn advertising is more of a sniper rifle. @wilcoxaj #SocialPro 

@Snapchat is the most active social network behind @facebook – that's something. #SocialPro @CarlosGil83 

As of 2017, millennials are slated to outspend baby boomers. Are you ignoring this segment? @CarlosGil83 #SocialPro 


Author:  Jennifer Philips, Digital Project Manager & Facebook Advertising Manager, Blue Sky Marketing

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