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June 01, 2016

Clickz made its way into New York City in mid-April.  As a native New Yorker, I know New York is home to many headliner conferences filling the largest of venues all the way. to more intimate locations depending on the industry, time of year, etc.  When Clickz arrived at the pinnacle location of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, right in the heart of Manhattan, Blue Sky knew this was a “Must See”.  Where everything happens, it was apropos to have this grand conference in one of the grandest spots in all of the country.  The days were filled with both people and an abundance of digital marketing information, tid bits, tips, tricks,

Enter stage right, Jason Miller, the representative from Linkedin, about to impart his wisdom on us.  That in itself would have been great but Jason took a large cavernous room to where you could hear a pin drop.  All eyes on Jason and his upbeat creative, rapid fire presentation. 

Don’t Get Involved with.. Irrelevance!

Content writing has come a long way from the days of keyword packed paragraphs without much personality.  Now there are so many ways you can present content, in all different packages and media.  However, one theme was driven home.  If you don’t think through the content you post in any of these forms of media, watching to be sure the information is relevant to your community, you are making a tremendous mistake!  44% of people say they will seriously consider unfollowing a company they originally liked if the content is irrelevant, and 22% said they would immediately unfollow when content put out is irrelevant.  How to beat the irrelevant monster?

KNOW your audience, know what they react to, what they’re talking about, which headlines are they interested in.  Survey them, ask questions, engage with them.  Once you’ve done this you will have an idea what they expect and shun.  Which takes us to the next step, the Rock.

Let’s Rock N’ Roll

The “Rock” as Jason Miller from Linkedin likes to call it, is that main topic, the category, the relevant category to your community that your content is all about.  Build out the main content piece.  It could be a guide, a whitepaper, an article, or all of the above.  If you are able to break this main content piece down into bite size digestible pieces of information, your message won’t only resonate, it will be remembered.  Enter the week’s menu.

Your message needs to be relevant.  Understood.  There is something else.  As mentioned above, people are met with a barrage of information on a daily basis because of the internet.  Why should people read your information, your message?  This is where Jason took us on a little turn in the plan to show us how creative and ahead of the times he is.  He not only sends out stellar messages he combines it with another topic he knows his audience, and many people all over, love.  Music.  By taking a topic which may seem bland and spinning it with a music theme from a popular group or song connection can grab a viewer’s attention to want to read more. 

Daily Menu

We all have a lot going on with so much information thrown at us on a daily basis.  As a content creator and business owner, you need to first know what is relevant, know the main message you are sending, and then know how to build up to it.  Look at the week as though each day is a type of content. 

  • Monday - Mondays for most people are tough days, they have a lot coming at them as they step off the weekend and into the work week. Go light with your content, give them a light serving of your message.  Help acclimate your readers to your idea. 
  • Tuesday - Be a little more fortifying on Tuesday, bringing a little more of the message to your reader.
  • Wednesday - "The Roast" this is the time for the meatiest part of your message, serve the full course now.
  • Thursday - This is time where people are almost to the weekend but not quite. You need to throw something in that is surprising, something that is a standout piece known as the "tabasco."
  • Friday - This is the dessert day. It's time to add some humor to your message, add some entertainment connections but still get your message across.

Once you've completed this schedule, you have accomplished presenting your information repetitively in five blog posts rolled up into a rock.  You still need more.  Time to repurpose.

Winner Winner – Turkey Dinner?

In order to keep your message going, treat it like leftover turkey.  You can take that content and put it in new formats.  Put the information into a highly shareable infographic, create webinars, videos, or even slide presentations.  Different people consume information best in different formats.  Your rock of information just multiplied its size. You are now armed with an incredible rock of Gibraltar of relevant information which helped spread your name as the relevant and interesting expert. 

The Final Note (Musical or Not)

ClickZ 2-Day Conference in New York City was a sea of information, great people from around the globe, and great food.  Jason Miller was a standout presenter and if you have the opportunity to listen to him speak, take it.  We learned a great deal at this conference and it is one you should try to attend if one is near you. 

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